can you play guitar with small hands

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What is the best guitar for smaller hands?

The 10 Best Guitars for Small HandsEpiphone Les Paul Special II Electric GuitarFender Squier 3/4 Size Mini StratSchecter OMEN-6 6-String Electric GuitarTaylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic GuitarMartin LXK2 Little MartinYamaha JR2TBS 3/4 Scale GuitarJasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar. …

Are my hands too small to learn to play guitar?

Your hands are not too small, keep practicing on technique, that’s what you need to improve, then come back to the song. Do what everyone else does and keep going to the guitar store to practice Stairway until you have it down pat. That is the guitar player’s way.

Are your hands too small to play guitar?

Your hands are never too small to play guitar and you don’t need a reduced-size guitar to play. Some people may prefer a reduced-size guitar, but even those people are capable of playing a full-sized guitar with some proper training.

Is it possible to play guitar with only one hand?

You can play something on it with one hand. But there will need to be a substantial adaptation of the music to accommodate that. It would be difficult to find a teacher clever enough to do that. Almost all music is written to need two hands.

Do You Need Long Fingers to Play Guitar?

In short, you do NOT need to have long fingers, big hands, or any kind of supernatural powers to play guitar.

What is the use of your strumming hand to actually finger tap a note?

The use of your strumming hand to actually finger tap a note opens up the entire fret board and allows you to reach notes that would normally be too far away to hit with your primary fretting hand. One example of someone who adapted to having small hands by incorporating finger tapping is Sara Longfield.

Why do you use your pinky finger?

By learning to use your pinky finger you allow yourself more space and flexibility, while lessening the tension of your wrists and fingers.

How to stretch your fingers on a guitar?

Having proper thumb placement will give your fingers much more leverage over the guitar neck, allowing you to stretch your fingers out as far as they can possibly go.

How to measure the length of a guitar scale?

If you are curious about the length of your guitar scale or another guitar you are interested in, you can measure from the nut to the 12th fret and multiply that number by 2.

How to strengthen pinky?

Other exercises that are particularly helpful in strengthening the pinky include practicing the chromatic scale. The reason the chromatic scale is a good exercise is because you will be playing every single music note in this given scale. Fret not though (pun intended) it is not as difficult as it seems.

Why do you wrap your thumb around the neck of a guitar?

When you wrap your thumb around the neck of the guitar, it severely restricts your other fingers from stretching out. This is a huge disadvantage, which is something you can’t afford if you already have small hands to begin with.

Are Your Hands Too Small?

You might worry that your hands are too small to play guitar or that you’re not making any progress because of your hands. Let’s have a look at whether that’s true.

What is the best guitar for small hands?

While a full-sized guitar with a chunky neck may feel impossible. The best guitar for short fingers or small hands is one with a flat neck that makes it easier for your shorter fingers to reach around the neck.

Why is it important to have small hands when playing guitar?

If you have small hands or short fingers, choosing the right guitar is crucial to make sure it feels comfortable to play. The best guitar for you is the one you stick with and are happy to play. When you have small hands, some guitars can feel awkward or even painful to play. This guide will help you find the best guitar to suit your small hands.

What does a shorter neck mean?

A shorter neck means the frets are closer together and the body can also scale down to feel more comfortable on your lap.

Why do people with small hands prefer reduced size guitars?

The length of the neck affects how close together the frets are. The longer the neck, the larger the gap between frets. This is why many people with small hands tend to prefer reduced-size guitars. The frets are closer together, so your hands don’t need to stretch as far.

Why do reduced scale guitars feel better?

Reduced-scale guitars feel better because of the smaller neck, but also because the body is smaller. So if you pick up a 3/4 size guitar or a travel guitar and think it’s perfect for your small hands, the chances are it’s just the size of the body that makes it feel more comfortable.

What is the most important point when looking at the neck?

But the length isn’t the most important point when looking at the neck. The most important point when you have small hands is the width and radius of the neck. Some guitars have a thick and chunky neck, which makes it hard for small hands to wrap around.

Why it is hard to play the guitar with tiny hands?

Before starting off with the steps to follow, I would like to share the few reasons why it seems difficult to play with small hands for the beginners:

How to get a guitar to not squeak?

First of all, take your thumb of the fretting hand back of the guitar neck and rest it in the middle. The top part of your palm must be facing the fretboard of the guitar. Then slightly curl your fingers at the knuckles and place them above the strings.

How many frets does a Fishman Sonitone have?

The scale length of this small guitar is only 23 inches and has a total of 20 frets where the neck joins the body at the 14th fret.

What type of guitar do you need for a small hand?

If you have smaller hands or fingers, then you need the right type of guitar that suits your hand size and feels comfortable in your hand at the same time. Since the small body guitar features small or fewer frets or shorter scale length; therefore, certain notes would be more accessible. It also depends on neck size that how comfortable you would feel to plays barre chords.

What is a capo on a guitar?

Now a capo is a small device that is used to clamp on the neck of the guitar so that the length of the strings shortens.

Why is every note accessible?

Every note is accessible due to the shorter scale.

How to rest a guitar on your lap?

If you are right-handed, rest your guitar comfortably on your right lap at first. The back of your guitar should be on your stomach, and the neck should be tilted slightly upwards relative to the body of the guitar. Also, keep in mind that the guitar should not be parallel to your chest.

How to play guitar with small fingers?

Tip 3: Move your wrist forward. If you have small fingers you MUST move your wrist forward and under the guitar neck. Don’t have your wrist behind the neck with your fingers curving round to the front. Move your wrist forward under the neck. (It will feel precarious at first.)

How much does it cost to restring a guitar?

These strings are thinner and easier to press down. This makes everything easier. Do it. (Your local guitar shop will restring your guitar for about $10/£10.)

What to do when your hands are small?

If small hands is your obstacle don’t sweat it, just resolve to practice smarter (using these tips) and often. Remember to play songs you love and you will progress quickest of all because you will enjoy your practice time more.

Can everyone learn to play guitar?

Everyone can learn to play the guitar. Yes, I know that you’re hands are particularly small and you think you may be the exception to this rule, but you’re not. ??. I’m going to write this again because people get so hung up about this: There is no such thing as having ‘too-small’ hands to play guitar. Let’s look at some specific tips to help.

Is everyone worse off than you?

Everyone has some ‘impediment’ that’s an obstacle to them learning and you are no worse or better off than anyone else. There are a lot of people who are worse off than you.

Do people with small hands worry about their size?

I’ve taught dozens of people with small hands and they tend to be very aware and conscious of their hand size and it worries them.

What is the width of a Squier Strat?

Squier Stratocaster. With a 40.6mm nut width, the Squier Strat is literally perfect for beginners with smaller hands. They also do the starter kits like this one, so you can literally get an amp and accessories alongside with a guitar that won’t cause you any extended levels of discomfort!

Why are lighter strings used in blues?

Lighter strings are favoured not just by beginners to ensure that they’re not having to press super-hard on the strings to just squeeze half a note out. They’re also the go-to for shredders and blues players alike, so don’t feel any shame whatsoever for opting for the gauge of strings that are the most comfortable for you.

What is the size of a LX1?

With a 23″ scale neck and compact sizing, the LX1 is one of the most sought-after, smaller acoustic guitars both for beginners and for travelling. If you’re looking to spend a little extra and get a proper acoustic guitar that you’re not going to discard after a few months, then the LX1 is a brilliant option.

How to make sure your guitar hand size doesn’t make a difference?

This point has already been mentioned a few times, but I really want to stress it here. Practicing consistently, building up calluses and crafting proper technique is the best way to ensure that your hand size doesn’t make a difference, no matter what guitar shape or style you choose.

What is the best thing to take note of when buying a guitar?

The best thing for you to take note of is the neck width of the types of guitars that actually want and are within your price range, and then just test them out! What guitar works for any player is an incredibly personal choice, therefore only you are going to know just how different types of guitars feel when you’re playing.

Is a Les Paul guitar harder to play?

As to the previous point, the size of the neck for any beginner is going to be a challenge. For example, something like a classical guitar with a thicker neck or a Les Paul with a denser shape may be harder to play, at least initially, than a slimmer shape like a Tele or a Strat.

Can you play a full sized guitar with a small hand?

Your hands can be too small to play a full-sized guitar. Unless your hands are unusually small, it’s often simply not the case that you will not be able to play a full-sized guitar. The pain you may be feeling from playing is what any beginner experiences, regardless of the size of their hands. So, don’t go throwing your first guitar out …

What Problems Guitar Players With Small Hands Face?

Small hands give you all kinds of trouble, and at first, it’s good to know what is the exact thing causing your problems.

Which is the easiest guitar to play?

Electric guitars are in my opinion the easiest to play guitars. Necks are pretty slim, actions are low, the body of the guitar is not huge, and string tension is usually not too bad either.

Why are classical guitars not easy to play?

Why? Because classical guitars have by far the biggest necks of any guitar types, and the action is usually pretty high too…

Why can’t I reach the nut of my guitar?

What I mean with this, is that you can’t reach the nut of your guitar because you have really small/short hands. This can happen if you are a kid or a small person.

How wide is a guitar nut?

Regular sized acoustic guitars usually have the nut width between 1,65 (42mm)-1.75inches (44,5mm). I would advise you to look for the nut width below 1.7 inches (43mm), although there are some great options for small hands with wider neck available too.

Why are long fingers good for fretboard?

Same thing here, long fingers can make things easier because this can improve your reach over the fretboard.

What is a C neck on an electric guitar?

Most of the electric guitars have a C-shaped neck. The C-shaped neck is usually a good option for players with small hands. C-necks feel comfortable to play and work well for most playing styles.

What is a short scale neck?

There are also electric guitars that are made with a short scale neck, so if you’re looking at the specs on an electric guitar, check out to see if the electric guitar is described as ‘short scale.’. The short scale necks make reaching for notes and chords a lot easier.

How to play barre chords with small hands?

In order to easily play barre chords with small hands, you should try to use your thumb to hold down the low bass sting in order to form a barre chord.

How do guitar players benefit from stretching their fingers?

Even guitar players with average sized or normal sized hands will benefit from stretching out and building strength in their fingers. By increasing flexibility and strength in your fingers, you will eventually be able to reach your fingers further across the fingerboard.

How to play barre chords?

Typically, when a musician plays a barre chord, you’re going to use your index finger to hold down all six guitar strings. Your index finger acts as a sort of anchor for the placement for the rest of your fingers. This can be extremely difficult to apply when learning this technique when you’re learning to play with small hands.

What is a dreadnought style guitar?

Dreadnought style guitars are the most commonly purchased acoustic guitars. In case you’ve already found yourself in the predicament of using a dreadnought style acoustic with small hands, know that a large portion of the guitar playing population has made this same mistake.

Why use light gauge strings?

Using light gauge strings makes a lot of playing techniques a lot easier to perform a wide variety of guitar techniques, so this may be a cheap way to make playing a lot more enjoyable. Besides being more comfortable to play, light gauge strings do offer musicians with additional benefits. Lightweight strings provide a brighter sound …

Why are electric guitars easier to play?

Electric guitars have smaller bodies than an acoustic guitar, which makes them easier for you to reach your arms around. For the most part, the electric guitar also tends to have a thinner neck than acoustic guitars do, which means that they are easier for your smaller hands to play with.