how much is a gretsch guitar worth

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200$ to 17,000$
The price range of Gretsch guitars is roughly from200$to 17,000$,depending on the model. The White Falcon 12 String Bass is the most expensive in the collection. You can also find plenty of Gretsch guitars under 900$. It depends on body type and model. On the other hand,the price of Gretsch guitars changes each year.

Are Gretsch guitars collectible?

Pictures, history for Gretsch vintage guitars. Collectible Gretsch instruments are mostly the models endorsed by Chet Atkins made from 1954 to 1961 ( single cutaway models). Earlier models with western ornamentation (cows catus) are the primary models desired. Older Gretsch models (pre-1970) don’t tend to hold up to time as well as other makes.

What’s the difference between Gretsch and New Gretsches?

The new Gretsches are actually a Gretsch in name, built under the auspices/ownership of the Gretsch family. Note many models not all are built towards replicating 50s guitar specs, though they rarely stray far from these original formulas.

How big is a Gretsch archtop guitar?

Early Gretsch archtop guitar, Orchestra model. It has a 15 5′ bout, 24 4′ scale and 3 5′ depth making it all in all a comfortable and curvy body. The carved spruce top has a beautifully aged sunburst top that pairs with a maple back and sides and 3 piece neck. The bakelight pickguard is remarkably still intact.

What are the features of a Gretsch Fender Stratocaster?

Features of this rare model include: Closely spaced original Filter’Trons with pole pieces on only half of each pickup, in-line with the model’s stereo functionality, 17 lower bout, 2 1 / 4 body depth, and 25 1 / 2 scale length, An array of golden-era Gretsch features … more

What is a 1970s Broadkaster?

Up for sale, a 1970s Gretsch Broadkaster 7608 vintage semi-hollowbody electric guitar in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. Unique for being one of Gretsch’s only vintage thinline semi-hollowbody models, the Broadkaster is in many ways analogous to an ES-335 and one of Gretsch’s rarer Baldwin-era instruments produced only from 1975-79. The 1 11 / 16" deep maple body is paired with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and a maple center block runs the length of … more

What is a Gretsch 6022?

Up for sale is a super cool and rare 1968 Gretsch Rancher 6022 in its original Gretsch Orange finish. This acoustic instrument features a unique design appealing to acoustic lovers and Gretsch fans alike. Overall this one does show a decent amount of finish and play wear, binding wear and rot which is common for a on vintage Gretsch instruments and scattered finish checking. The one does appear to have had a neck reset in its life, … more

What year was the Gretsch Tennessean?

For sale is this incredible 1963 Gretsch Tennessean. This Tennessean is the same year and style played by George Harrison back in the days of The Beatles. The guitar is in amazing shape with very almost no signs of wear and tear. The body has the painted on F-holes and the binding is original and is in great shape which is very hard to find these days. The electronics are all original and work and sound great. The neck is in great shape and is very comfortable. The frets have very little wear … more

What is a 1957 Sun Valley guitar?

1957 Gretsch Sun Valley Model 6010. The Model 6010 was a Brooklyn made large, dreadnaught guitar first produced in the late 50s, the model lasted about twenty years and yet there no 50’s versions for sale hardly ever. The body is rosewood ply, and the X-braced top is solid spruce.

What year was the Chet Atkins 6120?

Up for sale, a 1961 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original white Cowboy case. A singularly unique year for 6120 production and the last for the original single cutaway body design, this 6120 is notable for featuring a trestle-braced 2 25" deep body (slimmed down from 2 5" in ’60), retaining the original Filter’Tron pickup pair. The body and neck have been fully rebound and it’s exquisitely clean work, with vintage-spec two-ply … more

What is a Chet Atkins guitar?

This is a very cool vintage Gretsch 7681 Chet Atkins Super Axe guitar, built in the late 70’s during the Baldwin-era of Gretsch – and the last guitar that Chet Atkins designed with the Gretsch company. The guitar was built Atkins’ specs right down to the built-in effects circuit that gives you a compressor and phaser built right into the guitar. The effects still work perfectly and truthfully still sound awesome! The phasor especially is very … more

What year was the 6182 Corvette made?

A model produced only for the 1956 model year, the 6182 Corvette replaced the 6185 Electromatic Spanish in Gretsch’s catalog lineup, only to be supplanted by 6187 Lotus Ivory-finished Corvette by ’57.

What is my guitar worth?

How much is my guitar worth? How can I value my guitar? These are very common questions. Before buying or selling a guitar, knowing its value is important. Guitar values can range from practically nothing, to an astronomical sum for the right guitar – and to an untrained eye, guitars at either end of the spectrum can look very similar. Once you have correctly identified your guitar, you can look up the specific model in a guitar value guide. But even when you have a ballpark value, selling the instrument at that price is more than just a formality. Have a look at our guide on selling vintage guitars online for some ideas on getting the best price for your vintage guitar.

How many pages are there in the 2017 Vintage Guitar Magazine?

The 2017 edition spans 624 pages and includes detailed information aswell as current pricing (in $US) on more than 2000 brands and more than 1,300 photos, plus a detailed look at the hows and whys of the collectible instrument market. This guide is the only such work to cover all this in one very affordable volume!

What is the name of the bass player that played bass on Ultimate Spinach?

From the private collection of Ultimate Spinach founding member and bass player Rich Nese. I will be listing some of Rich’s personal vintage music gear, memorabilia and autographed items. This amp is from the 1960’s. It was powered on a few years back but it has mostly been in storage most of it’s life so I would obviously recommend it receiving a complete and very thorough tune up before being used again LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT: THE BUYER AGREES THAT THIS AMP IS BEING SOLD AS IS AND NO RETURNS… more

What are fixed steel guitar legs made of?

Fixed steel guitar legs. I dont know much about them at all. They are made of aluminum. Will sell separately or as a bundle. $30 each price is negotiable.

When was the 1965 Gibson SG painted?

Today we have a vintage 1965 Gibson SG standard with the Original Complete Fool paint job like the original had right after it was painted in 1967 . There are details on this guitar that are closer to the original than the original (more on that later). So sit back and relax.

Is a Gretsch Duo Jet nickel plated?

This listing is for a reproduction milled Jack as found on Gretsch Duo Jet’s . It is nickel plated. Will also work on Fender Telecaster’s. I am unsure of its age or origins. Came out of an estate of Gretsch parts.

Can you get a current price on vintage guitars?

Vintage guitar collecting, like anything else is subject to fashion. If you already own an older edition of this book, you can not get a current price, simply by adjusting for inflation. Collectors who grew up in the 1950s often want different guitars to those that grew up in the 1980s.

What type of marker did Gretsch use?

1955 to 1956 "Cowboy" Markers: On certain Chet Atkins and solidbody models (6120, 6121 and 6130 Roundup), Gretsch used block celluloid fingerboard inlays panographed with "Cows and Cactus". After panographed, the engraving is filled with gold paint (which quickly turns green and then black from playing).

What is the look of a Gretsches from the 1950s?

Despite the drawbacks, Gretsches from the mid 1950’s have a certain "look" that is undeniably cool. Models most highly regarded are the single cutaway versions with western trim. Engraved position markers ("cow and cactus"), the "G" brand, and western pickguards is what makes Gretsches valuable and collectable. This especially applies to the 1954 to 1956 western models such as the 6120 Chet Atkins hollowbody, the 6121 Chet Atkins solidbody, the 6130 Roundup and the 6022 Rancher.

How to tell if a Gretsch was made before 1965?

Only approximate year of manufacturer can be determined by Gretsch serial numbers before 1965. It is best to date your pre-1965 Gretsch by serial number and by specs. Although Gretsch’s during this period seem chronologically ordered (and in many cases are), the numbers and labels often can not determine the exact year of manufacture due to spec inconsistences.

What is a 6136 white falcon?

The 6136 White Falcon and 6134 White Penguin from 1954 to 1957 are also highly collectable instruments . These have DeArmond pickups, engraved pearl position markers, vertical Gretsch logo, "Cadillac" tailpieces and gold sparkle binding. Unfortuneately, after 1957 many of these attributes disappear, making later models less desirable.

How many digits are in the 1960s Gretsch?

late 1960’s: "That Great Gretsch Sound" across bottom of label, most with 5 digit serial number beginning with 1 or 2.

When did Gretsch go out of business?

The original Gretsch company based in Brooklyn, New York went out of business in 1981. Fred Gretsch III re-acquired the Gretsch name in the mid-1980’s from Baldwin (which ran the brand into the ground and went out of business and stopped production by 1981). Then around 1990 Gretsch restarted production of Gretsch guitars in contract with Terada in Japan for the manufacturing for the Professional Series guitars. But Terada is just a factory-for-hire, and has no equity in Gretsch. Other guitar plants in Korea were contracted to build entry-level Gretsch lines (Historic, Electromatic, Synchromatic). In 2003, Mr. Gretsch contracted with Fender Musical Instrument Corporation (FMIC) to oversee manufacturing and marketing. FMIC has continued the relationship with Terada, and began a Gretsch Custom Shop in the US. Also mixed and matched Asian factories-for-hire (both Korean and Chinese) have been used to build the entry-level Electromatics. While many of the models built today observe "general" vintage Gretsch specifications, they aren’t really "copies" of 1950s Gretsch guitar. The "new" Gretsches are actually a Gretsch in name, built under the auspices/ownership of the Gretsch family. Note many models not all are built towards replicating 50s guitar specs, though they rarely stray far from these original formulas.

What is a humptop inlay?

Pre-1957: "Humptop" or block inlays on mid to upper line models. Humptop inlays are usually made from celluloid , and the block inlays can be either celluloid or pearl. In this era, humptop inlays are rare, with block inlays being the norm on mid to high end models. Low end models used dot inlays.