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what songs are on guitar hero 1

Here are the songs from the first Guitar Hero that will be included in Smash HitsGuitar Hero Smash HitsGuitar Hero Smash Hits is a music rhythm game and the fourth expansion game to the Guitar Hero series. The game features 48 songs originally featur


what is the hardest song to play on guitar hero

Fury Of The Storm
Fury Of The Stormis the hardest song in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,with an average of over 7 notes per second and being one of the four songs in the game to have a guitar difficulty level of 10. What is the hardest song in Guita


what songs does guitar hero live have

GuitarHeroLive’splaylist includes 24 songs, according to the game. Of Mice Men – “Bones Exposed” DeftonesDeftonesDeftones is an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. It was formed in 1988 by Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter


what guitar hero has the best songs

Guitar Hero 5
Which Guitar Hero has best songs?Guitar Hero 5is one of the most well-balanced collections of music available. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is a rock and metal video game that leans toward the harsher end of the spectrum.
What are th


how to add songs to guitar hero world tour

How to Add Custom Songs to Guitar Hero 3Download the latest version of GHTCP, download the GH3 1.31 patch (if not already downloaded), and download the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework (this should make the game run …Extract the files in