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can you use guitar hero guitar for rock band 4

Is Guitar Hero Live the same as Rock Band 4?
Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live are on the way this year. While the new Guitar Hero won’t be supporting older peripherals, Rock Band 4 will be picking up the slack, supporting instruments from the


can you use a ps3 guitar on xbox 360

Does Guitar Hero work on Xbox 360?
Xbox 360 Compatibility Guitar Hero III /Aerosmith Rock Band Guitar Hero X-Plorer (USB) Works Works Les Paul Guitar Works Works Rock Band USB Guitar INCOMPATIBLE Works Rock Band 2 G


can you use guitar hero guitars on rock band

Guitar controllers for Guitar Hero games (excluding the first 2) are compatible with the following Wii Rock Band Track Packs:Rock Band Track Pack: Classic RockRock Band Country Track PackRock Band Metal Track PackRock Band Country Track Pack 2


can you use guitar hero guitar for rock band ps4

Can You Play Guitar Hero on PS2?
Playstation 2 Compatibility. As for Guitar Hero, while its wired SG controller works across the board, the drums do not. Since drums are more expensive than guitars (generally speaking) PS2 owners might be bette