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how much guitar should i practice a day

15 minutes
How many hours a day should I practice guitar?
If needed, one day should be determined for a break because your brain may need time to process all those new things. It depends on you and your goals how many hours a day you should practic


how many hours of guitar to get good

150 hours
How long should you practice guitar each day?
So… the answer to how long you need to practice can vary from 10 minutes a day to 4 hours. How can that be? Well it all depends on your goals. Before deciding how much you need to practice, y


how much to practice guitar a day

15 minutes
How many hours a day should you practice guitar?
If you’re in work all day, have a family and plan to see friends, you won’t have much spare time to practice the guitar. It’s far better to do 5 minutes of practice a day than 3 hours f