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what is a 5 string guitar called

What is a guitar with 5 string called?
Mexican vihuela. Although the Mexican vihuela has the same name as the historic Spanish plucked string instrument, the two are distinct.The Mexican vihuela has more in common with the Timple Canario (se


how to play a five string bass guitar

Do I really need a 5 string bass?
You don’t NEED a 5-string bass. 4 has been enough for most of the greats. I prefer 5 strings, but I can and have gigged with 4. If you don’t use the low B very much, don’t sweat it.
How to choose the best strin


what are the notes on a 5 string bass guitar

B, E, A, D, G
What Are The Notes On A 5 String Guitar? A 5-string bass’s open string tuning isB,E,A,D,G(thick to thin),with each string being played in five strings. Because of the lower note range,this tuning is commonly used when tuning five stri