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do i need to cut my nails for playing guitar

Most beginner guitarplayers have no idea why you need to cut your fingernails to play guitar. Some might even go on for quite a while not realizing that their long fingernails are drastically inhibiting their progress. This is quite simple,cut your f


can you have nails and play guitar

Can I play fingerstyle guitar without nails?
So, can you play fingerstyle/fingerpick guitar without nails? Playing Fingerstyle or Fingerpick Guitars without fingernails is undoubtedly possible. But the sound produced will be very much different


how to play guitar with nails

Strategies: How To Play Guitar With Long Nails1. Develop Your Skill In Fingerpicking Fingerpicking is a guitar-playing technique where you pull on or pluck the strings individually to produce a unique kind of sound. …2. Replace Your Pick With Your