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how to make a guitar play better

How can I get better at playing guitar?
Techniques to remember:Position your fingers behind the fretPlay on the tips of your fingersYour thumb is in the middle of the neckMake sure there is space between the neck your palm
What is the easiest w


how to make guitar easier to play

Pay attention to the pressure you’re placing on the strings. Try lightening the pressure a bit and see if it’s easier for you. …You can also make it easier to fret notes by lowering the action on your guitar so there is less distance between the st


what is a good age to learn guitar

6-7 or higher
According to guitar professionals,although there is no age limit to start guitar lessons,a minimum age of6-7 or higheris ideal for starting the musical journey. However,enthusiasm is all it takes. Sure,there are numerous examples of st


how long does it learn to play guitar

What does it mean to play guitar?
Playing the guitar will meanlearning totally new hand and finger movements, almost like learning to walk. You will need to strengthen hand muscles that you didn’t even know existed, and on top of that, you’ll have t